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About Us - Acestocktips Provides stock trading solutions stock tips stock strategy


ACE STOCK TIPS, a subsidiary of RAINBOWS INVESTMENT, is a provider of stock market tips, stock analysis and developing trading solutions using sophisticated software.ACE STOCK TIPS focuses on technical analysis for day trading & short term tips and on Fundamental analysis for long term portfolio building. It has dedicated team of Research Analysts, Technical Analysts & Programmers.

Our Motto:- To provide Ethical, Well Researched, Unbiased & Profitable Stock tips & Stock ideas to traders & investors and to educate Retail investors that Stock market can be a profitable & low risk investment avenue using our expertise & experience judiciously.

Our core competency :- ACE STOCK TIPS's primary audience is Traders, Retail Investors both experienced & new to stock market, HNIs, NRIs, Brokers & corporate. We provide stock tips & stock ideas on the basis of solid in house research & analytical stock tools. We believe in 3 D's to win in stock market viz Discipline, Dedication and Determination.

What We are not :- We are not operators, We are not Brokers. We don't believe in operator calls. We don't give false promise of making you millionaire in few weeks. We don't ask you to chase or invest in operator driven manipulative stocks. We don't give false promise in name of Jackpot calls Or sure shot calls because stock market is driven by emotions of fear and Greed.

Time-Line :-
1997 Group of Analysts Started Stock advisory service called Market Pulse for Retail Investors.
2000 Started stock market tips service under the name BullRun Investments (India)
2003 Expanded Advisory services to HNIs,Brokers & Corporates
2005 Birth of Rainbows Investment,umbrella company for various investment avenues like Stock market,Mutual funds,Realestate,Commodities & overseas market.
2007 Launched Stock market Blogsite
2008 BullRun Investments renamed as Rainbow Trading Investment
2009 Rainbow Trading Investment renamed as ACE STOCK TIPS which is a stock market advisory arm of Rainbows Investment.
2010 Launched Product Ace Trading Pattern
2011 Launched Ace Trends - Three dimensional analysis - Technical,Fundamental & psychological analysis