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ACE STOCK TIPS Frequently Asked Questions


1) What Stock advisory services do you provide?
We Provide stock advisory services which are divided into 3 categories 1) INTRADAY wherein we provide Intraday tips in Cash segment,Futures,Nifty Futures & Nifty options.2)POSITIONAL where in we provide Short term tips in cash segment,Positional calls in Futures segment,Positional calls in Nifty Futures ,Nifty options & Stock options and 3)WEALTH CREATION wherein we provide Long term calls,Multibagger calls,advisory services to build long term portfolio,fine tuning your existing portfolio & developing customized trading strategy/solutions.In the near future we are also planning to offer stock market software called ACE TRENDS developed by our software team. We are also developing some other products like ACE TRADING TABLE using FIBO, ACE TRADING PATTERN,ACE QUOTES,ACE CHARTS,ACE MOBIT,ACE TSOL for the various market participants.

2)Some websites are offering 1 day or 2 day free trial offer, while others are offering free calls .But I do not see free calls or free trial offer on your website. ?
Let us first understand why the various websites give free calls? We are aware of popular adage NO FREE LUNCHES. So there must be some hidden agenda .Free trial offer are given by those websites or companies who are 1)Involved in broking services.Calls given by such websites are dummy calls generated with the sole purpose of earning the brokerage 2)Websites involved in insider trading & having contacts with shady operators .They work hand in glove with these operators to offload the stocks held by influential people thereby trapping the retail and small investors/traders.3)Websites run by unprofessional people who thinks stock market is a pastime hobby and not a profession.4)Websites which can be categorized as "ONE TRICK PONY",These websites send tip of the stock which are unknown, unheard & trading with low volumes sometimes just in few hundreds. They then collude with small brokers and manage to jack up the prices on low volumes and finally after hitting the upper circuit they call the tip as Jackpot call or sure shot call. This scam happens day in and day out in some low traded stocks.5) Some of the websites which gives free calls are genuine and they give excellent calls but the number of free calls generated by them are in large quantities and you are bombarded with so many tips in a day that you are confused which stock call you should execute and which stock tips should be avoided .With too many stocks tips, these websites work on theory of probability and obviously some tips will work while others will fail. Too many stock calls/information also confuses the trader /investor. We do not fall in any of the above category and so we do not give free trial calls. Besides, a single person can open multiple messenger ids or can have multiple SIM cards which are difficult to track and so we may end up providing free tips to the same person many a times thereby wasting our precious resources in terms of time & manpower. We also believe that it is very difficult to judge a stock analyst on basis of just one or two day trial call. Appropriate time should be one week for intraday calls and two weeks for positional calls .Our trial pack are designed & priced as low as Rs 2000 to verify our accuracy over a period of one week/two weeks. We believe that the investors/traders who are genuinely interested in getting quality stock calls will appreciate our professional approach .Our Trial pack of Rs 2000 also filters out unscrupulous elements who are not serious traders or investors.

3)As you do not offer free trial what are my options?
We do not offer free trial but you can verify our accuracy either by a)Following our market views/stock views posted on our home page or b)Taking up our trial pack at just Rs 2000. We provide a trial pack of 1 week for INTRADAY services & 2 weeks for Positional services which is reasonably priced and affordable. You can risk the minimum amount of Rs 2000 for the trial pack and do paper/virtual trading on our calls before taking up our monthly, quarterly or half yearly pack.

4) What is your accuracy? Do you have past performance?
Our accuracy varies between 80-85%.But in difficult times (like 2000/2004/2008) it can dip as low as 60-65%. Besides, we have been in the market from the past 14 years. We have seen three downturns -2000 IT meltdown,2004 Indian Political crisis & 2008 GLOBAL Recession so we are well equipped in terms of market knowledge, market trend to anticipate any big crisis. We provide Hedge strategy during extreme volatility & thereby protect your capital from erosion. We do have records of past performance which are displayed on our blog. But the best way to judge any analyst or stock tips provider is to track his/her stock calls over a period of time or take up the trial pack and verify the accuracy. Past is history and the websites which emphasis on past performance are seldom ethical. Other issue with past performance is how can one verify the trades shown in performance report? So we always advise traders and investors to take up our paid trial pack for 1 week before taking up the monthly/quarterly/half yearly pack.

5)How is ACE STOCK TIPS different from other websites/stock tips providers? Why should I subscribe to ACE STOCK TIPS?
a) We do not believe in operator calls or Jackpot calls.In stock market there is nothing as sure shot or jackpot calls.Key to profits is managing risk and hence risk management & risk diversification takes center stage in our trades.Our focus is on Trade strategy,trade plan,risk management,risk diversification & fund management.
b) We do not claim to have 90-99% accuracy. No one can predict with such precision.
c)The stock ideas/stock views/market views published on our homepage of website are free for all to track and these stock views are transparent, ethical & well researched .d)We believe in quality rather than quantity and hence you will find that stock views/market views published on our homepage is crisp, compact and to the point. We do not want to confuse traders/investors with over analysis.
d)Aim of any investor/trader is to make money and our paid services helps you in your aim. In all the paid services, along with stock tips/stock ideas we also give risk management and money management strategy along with the stock calls so that will help you protect your capital even in difficult times (like 2008)
e)We believe in being ethical & all our stock tips/stock ideas are backed by fundamental research & technical analysis. We do not rely on external factors like operators/inside information etc.

6)Is it possible to make money/create wealth in the stock market?
The most important aspect in the stock market is protecting your capital. Then comes the profit. Cash is king and we believe that without strategy, risk management & money management it is difficult to make money/create wealth in the stock market .Contrary to the popular belief, it is possible to make money in stock market provided that you are disciplined, you trade according to our strategy, respect the market trend and thereby place the appropriate stop loss given by us. We believe that Stock market is driven by emotions and one must have control on greed and fear to make money in stock market. Right emotion(Greed & fear) at the right time will help you make money. You must also adhere to our risk management and money management strategies.

7)Can you guarantee about the returns?
We cannot guarantee on your returns because lot of factors come into play, some of them are ; you may not execute calls as per our strategy, you may book out profit early or exit the call before the stop loss or hold on the stock without stop loss in anticipation of reversal of market trend. You may err with the risk management and money management strategy given by us along with the stock tip/stock idea. Other factors like not having uninterrupted power/internet connection/problems with trading platform provided by brokers etc. If you eliminate all of these errors or try to minimize these errors you can expect good returns on our stock calls.

8)I have been cheated by websites/tips providers in the past. What should be my approach?
Like every profession ,there are unethical people in the stock market advisory field whom you can call as bad apples and they are in the stock advisory business to make few quick bucks with false claims. While on the other side you also have quite a few ethical stock analysts who are running their stock advisory services for a long time and who are providing quality stock calls. We are one among those stock advisory service providers that believes in integrity and ethics. If you feel you are being cheated you can always approach SEBI and lodge the complain to the SEBI.

9)Which is the right package for me?
Our packages are divided into three categories
1)Intraday 2) Positional & 3)Wealth creation. They are divided on basis of a)time, b)capital required & c)risk profile & ease of execution. You can visit our services section and look for more details which is self explanatory. If you are still confused and looking for more information on any of the packages you can call us on 09902947365 or email at

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